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Palo Alto Networks - Firewalls - Threat and URL filtering

Content Pack

Graylog content pack containing an input, stream, extractors and dashboards for THREAT and SYSTEM category logs from PA firewalls.



11 Jun 08:58

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22 Jun 06:01

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ayoublab92 over 1 year ago

I import your pack, but the logs remain of the same form as before, is that you did the normalization of the logs? the dhasbords for me are empty, the content is empty

ayoublab92 over 1 year ago

hello everone, please I import content pack Palo Alto Networks Content Pack, i use Graylog 2.5, my firewall palo Alto A820, Pan 8,0.9. this pack it is adequate with graylog 2.5
?? Please I am stuck in the “log normalization” step , logs of firewall Palo alto,what is the most suitable method with graylog to normalize the logs....please anyone help me please i woud get a Content Pack for my fw palo alto

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