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Graylog3 nginx + Docker content pack

Content Pack

A Content Pack for Graylog 3 which supports streaming of logs from nginx running in docker



15 Apr 01:51

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08 Aug 16:06

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fank243 over 1 year ago

Geoip is configured, only GPS coordinates such as remote_addr_geolocation are received in the log, and no information such as city name

marcefr almost 2 years ago

[Source: <134>Oct 16 13:55:41 front-png04.ringo.own.veb.loc.ndh nginx: { "timestamp": "2019-10-16T13:55:41-03:00",...

html entities lost...

marcefr almost 2 years ago

Hi! I've installed this content pack and configured nginx as:

access_log syslog:server=,facility=local0,tag=nginx,severity=info gelf_json;

I see network IO at the inputs ui, but I can find no messages at the search screen. Server.log says:

Unexpected character ('Oct 16 14:17:35 front-png04.ringo.own.veb.loc.ndh nginx: { "timestamp": "2019-10-16T14:17:35-03:00", "remote_addr": ....

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