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Active Directory Auditing Content Pack for Graylog 3

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26 Feb 02:00

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26 Feb 02:05

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nortont03 8 days ago

Does anyone have an updated content pack for graylog 4.x?

aloonj 11 months ago

All dashboard items display the same value. It seems the results are count() of all messages with no filter.

lazki almost 2 years ago

Hi! The «Download from Github» button is not working.

therealjoshuad over 2 years ago

I imported the pack and it only appears to have the dashboards? I looked at the json in the file and didn't see any of the other items, am I missing something?

foxydosin over 2 years ago

It didn't workout for me, is there any mail address i can reach to you to ask some questions ? It would be great..

DmitryShipovalov over 2 years ago

After adding this content pack i didn't see anyting in widgets - each widget contains in Query EventID - but I have only new Sidecar and have only winlogbeat_event_id
It is possible connect winlogbeat_event_id and EventID ?

therealjoshuad over 2 years ago

Thanks for the update! You saved me a Friday afternoon project!

aydnyldrm over 2 years ago

It's based on reighnman 's content pack for graylog 2.X , and just updated for Graylog 3.0

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