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Active Directory Auditing Content Pack for Graylog 3

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26 Feb 02:00

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26 Feb 01:56

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therealjoshuad 3 months ago

I imported the pack and it only appears to have the dashboards? I looked at the json in the file and didn't see any of the other items, am I missing something?

foxydosin 4 months ago

It didn't workout for me, is there any mail address i can reach to you to ask some questions ? It would be great..

DmitryShipovalov 5 months ago

After adding this content pack i didn't see anyting in widgets - each widget contains in Query EventID - but I have only new Sidecar and have only winlogbeat_event_id
It is possible connect winlogbeat_event_id and EventID ?

therealjoshuad 5 months ago

Thanks for the update! You saved me a Friday afternoon project!

aydnyldrm 5 months ago

It's based on reighnman 's content pack for graylog 2.X , and just updated for Graylog 3.0

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