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Elastic Beats Input Plugin

Plugin 1.0.0

Graylog input plugin for Elastic Beats



14 Dec 10:10

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09 Mar 10:23

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sivasamyk about 5 years ago

For JKS key generation using OpenSSL command and configuration in this plugin refer :
You need configure the same keys in filebeat/packetbeat config. Refer

vincentvu about 5 years ago

Coud you explain how to configure .jks keystore? I tried many ways but it doesn't work by now. Thank you.

wmrichard over 5 years ago

First of all thank you for this plugin. I have a little question about it, is it possible to use TLS / Client authentication like filebeat supports? How can I configure this I see the option Absolute path of JKS keystore, but I don't know how to configure this. Thank you :)

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