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Sending syslog from Linux systems into Graylog

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How to send syslog from Linux systems into Graylog



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willman42 about 2 years ago

On my Debian 9.9 system, syslog-ng v3.8, I had to change "syslog("[graylog_IP]" port(514));" to udp("[graylog_IP]" port(514));" to get it to work. Not sure where the syslog() function is defined, but maybe it defaults to using tcp? In Graylog, my Input was set to Syslog UDP too.

waynekearns about 3 years ago

for those who read this.
The server "" will not resolve, and syslog-ng will balk when it attempts to set up the forwarding to a non-existent IP address. Set it to a hostname that you are certain will resolve and will not change frequently.

0x23marco over 3 years ago

Regarding the syslog-ng configuration I experienced an error not sure how to resolve.
Restart syslog-ng throws an exception: "Starting syslog servicessyntax error at X" that's this syslog("" port(514));

Any hints where the syntax error is?

fizzmonitoring almost 4 years ago

Just to mention that currently only legacy rsyslog syntax is documented,
the more modern approach would be:

action(type="omfwd" target="" port="10514" template="RSYSLOG_SyslogProtocol23Format")

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