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Execute Script Plugin

Plugin v1.0.0 release of graylog-plugin-exec.

An alarm callback plugin for executing a script on Graylog2's server.



23 Apr 04:41

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23 Apr 04:41

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RaceFPV almost 2 years ago

For anyone still looking, I've packaged a (forked) version of this addon with support for message field arguments:

Zzaki111 about 3 years ago

If you want pass log message details of the alert as a paremeter,maybe you can download from github,and find file "",and you can modified function 'call', get infomation from arg0 or arg1 and define your own bashCommand.Then build you own plugin (JAR) with mvn package

Zzaki111 about 3 years ago

Can I set log message,like check_result.resultDescription ,as a parameter ? ths!

datamans over 4 years ago

Is there any way to pass log message details of the alert as a parameter?

datamans over 4 years ago

Graylog triggers an alert and it shows that a bash command has benn executed but myscript is not run.
bashCommand: php /root/test.php

snet-alan about 5 years ago

Anyone have any feedback on this, or another plugin that might be able to do it? From what I can tell, this plugin can run an arbitrary command from the Graylog server with arguments you pass, but I can't find a way to pass in any information from the events in the stream that create the alert.

echarr about 5 years ago


I would like to know if what we can place in param1, any field of the message trigger ? or just a string by my own hand?
And if can I call any script and not only php?


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