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All-in-One Watchguard Content Pack

Content Pack

Graylog Content Pack for Watchguard Fireware Logging



17 Jul 15:00

Last Push

12 Aug 15:03

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ThoZed over 2 years ago

Latest release 0.6, graylog 3.x ready

ThoZed over 3 years ago

Hello ryan-durbin,
indeed - the link is broken. It's because i had to split the content pack into two parts.
Please use the [latest_release]( from github.
Also check the new in development branch:-)

If there are any further issues be so kind and open them in github.
Have a nice day

ryan-durbin over 3 years ago

Hello, I cannot get this to work. I am pretty new to graylog but when I click the download link on this site I get a 404 error. When I download the files from your github I cannot figure out what file works as content packs or input file. I've had no success at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

ThoZed over 3 years ago

feel free to contribute:-) - 570 message id's still waiting for an extractor.

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