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Space weather input

Plugin v1.0

Ever needed a proof that a solar storm made a bit flip and your code crash? Now you can! Correlate proton density to the response time of your app and the ion temperature to your exception rate.



23 Oct 16:11

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28 Apr 05:44

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javrllerenas almost 4 years ago

The input is not getting any messages on GL 2.3

HungryHowies over 4 years ago

Works great, using it on GL 2.2. Awesome nerd stuff

tommerp over 4 years ago

I did gt the .jar placed in the plugins folder and restarted the server, but I'm not seeing the presented to me... Am I missing something or should they just show up?


dschutterop over 5 years ago

Really love the idea of this plugin! Can't pull the data through my proxy over here unfortunately, so I wrote a small Python script that pulls the data from NOAA and pushes it to a Graylog GELF input.

Fair is fair, it's a crude solution but gets things done :)

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