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Asterisk PBX via GELF HTTP

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After a lot of sweat in search of ways to use Graylog with Asterisk, I discovered that through the GELF method we can create several custom views through scrpts that can be written in your preferred language.



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omalisson over 2 years ago

Here's a simple example script to send incoming call logs:

# Variáveis consumidas do Asterisk:
NUM=$1 #1 CALLERID(num) --> Telefone externo
DN=$2 #2 EXTEN --> Ramal interno
SIPPEERS=$3 #3 SIPPEERS --> Total de chamadas ativas no tronco
GPCNT=$4 #4 GRPCOUNT-CALLS --> Contagem de chamadas concorrentes: ${GROUP_COUNT(OUT_GVT_edserj)}
FCHN=$5 #5 CDR(channel) --> Canal inicial da chamda de entrada
CONTEXT=$6 #6 CONTEXT --> Contexto de entrada da chamada
HOST=`hostname | cut -d. -f1`

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d
"source": "'$HOST'",
"application": "incoming_call",
"link": "GVT", "site": "EDSERJ",
"from_external": "'$NUM'",
"dial_number": "'$DN'",
"all_calls": "'$SIPPEERS'",
"concurrent_INC_calls": "'$GPCNT'",
"message": "'$FCHN'",
"context": "'$CONTEXT'"
}' ''

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