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GrayLog Stream Lookup (SLookup) Pipeline Processor function

Plugin SLookup 2.0.0 - Multiple Return Fields

Stream Lookup function for GrayLog2 Pipeline Processor



17 Jan 00:59

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17 Jan 01:06

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helpitorg about 1 year ago

Hello Billmurrin,
thank you very much for this great plugin. It did a great job for me.I was ordered to find a solution to analyse the logs of a pfsense-guest-wlan of a bigger environment regarding which voucher is linked to which ip-address. The pfsense-filterlogs only shows the source and destination ip and the mapping of IPs is only shown in a different log-file. Thanks to your "slookup" I managed that graylog adds a field "IP_MAPS_VOUCHER" to the filterlog-messages which shows the voucher a SourceIP is actually connected to. I hope that I will find the time as soon as possible to present my solution to the graylog and the git-hub community soon. I can't believe that your plugin is not yet one of graylogs default ones. I nearly was about to try to solve it witch an ELK-stack. Your plugin should be a must for future releases.
Thanks a lot!

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