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Elastic Beats Input Plugin

Plugin 2.4.0-beta.1

[DEPRECATED] Elastic Beats Input plugin for Graylog



20 Oct 10:28

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15 Mar 07:06

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javrllerenas about 4 years ago

I can see my dedicated input is receiving messages, but when I click on "See Messages" for that input, it does not find any. Any ideas why?

joschi over 5 years ago

@alpha-centauri: "logstash" is the correct output for Filebeat. The plugin simply didn't index the "count" and "offset" fields, but that has been fixed in version 1.0.3.

Please file a bug report on GitHub if you find any other issues:

alpha-centauri over 5 years ago

Very useful plugin! What is the recommended Beats output? When using "logstash" output in filebeat.yml, Graylog does not receive the standard fields Logstash would receive, in particular the field "offset" Filebeat usually sends.

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