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JIRA integration plugin

Plugin 1.0.6

Graylog plugin for JIRA with templating of JIRA issue title and JIRA issue message



21 Apr 02:05

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03 Jun 20:00

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yoavj almost 4 years ago

Hi, Which protocol is used for sending the data to Jira?

ps-gm about 4 years ago

Hi, Is it possible adding some text to a certain JIRA custom-field when creating a ticket from Graylog. You already have the JIRA MD5 custom field, but we would need the custom field for a static text when creating the ticket... Many thanks, really appreciate your help and best regards, Peter

ps-gm over 5 years ago

Sorry for bringing in a comment too fast! The plugin is working perfectly fine on Graylog 2.0.3 and there are no problems in using it. Also the extracted message tuples are being transferred to Jira correctly - It was a configuration problem on our side with "0" messages being set to be sent under the "Stream"->"Alert" -> "Conditions".

ps-gm over 5 years ago

The plugin is working perfectly fine and we get alerts to Jira, which is super fine! Thanks for this awesome integration.
One thing as we are using 2.0.3 Graylog is that we have disabled the "map-plugin" as mentioned. Now we don't get any [LAST_MESSAGE.XXXX] information into Jira. The other fields are working fine. Is there anything known that this is not working. We are having Syslog messages in Graylog which should then be alerted into Jira. Many many thanks in advance!!!

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