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F5 Big-IP ASM Content Pack

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07 Apr 20:15

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07 Apr 20:16

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Malika94 7 months ago

Hello! The «Download from Github» button is not working :(

zakarialak almost 3 years ago

Please can anyone tell me how to use this pack

jeremymcgee73 over 4 years ago

bitginsu, I don't care if you fork it.

bitginsu almost 5 years ago

This is working great for me, thanks for making it!
I would like to tease out some elements of the HTTP header (such as User-Agent) into their own fields. Do you mind if I fork your GitHub project?

yossiv over 5 years ago

1st i wanted to thank you for your pack,
but i note that it is not bring the server response :(.
i managed to bring the server response only with remote storage type "remote" and in the storage format i choose the response .
but thank you !

yossiv over 5 years ago

it says content not found :(

jebucha over 5 years ago

I had been using storage type of "remote" with custom storage format in my logging profile on our F5 ASMs, then extracting each field individually using either GROK or custom regex patterns. I had half a dozen core fields being extracted with 99% success, but then I brought your content pack online a few weeks ago and it's working very nicely. Thank you for the work you put in to this and for sharing with the community.

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